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Doing Business Alone?

Get the help you need in order to grow your business.

Management | Technology | Marketing | Planning | Legal | Grant Writing

Are you the visionary, manager, technician, marketer, etc. of your business?

You may even be responsible for the strategy, customer satisfaction, bookkeeping, legalises, operations and the never ending to-do list.


We know it’s overwhelming and you can get burnt out.

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The best way to handle this problem is to work to your strengths and build a team to delegate what you can. The investment will be well worth the stress reduction, increase in time, and profitability.

You Don’t Have To Build Your Business Alone

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The Empowered 4X experts are here to help you start, grow and scale your business.


We have a business C.R.E.W. ready to be part of YOUR team.

Business Consulting Services Help You 


  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Developed operation plans

  • Increase your Revenue 

  • A solid structure for growth

  • & more

We Want To Help You Achieve Your Vision


  • Executive Coaching

  • Operation Consulting

  • HR Coordination

  • New Markets Research

  • Business C.R.E.W.


  • Research

  • Grant Writing

  • Application Review

  • Grant Writing Coaching

  • Advocate to funders


  • Feasibility Study

  • Business Plan

  • Market Research

  • Financial Forecasting

  • Go to Market Strategy


  • Marketing Strategy

  • Find your Niche Market

  • Geolocation Marketing

  • Marketing Campaigns

  • Data-driven Solutions


  • Build a Website

  • Build an Ecommerce Site

  • Build an App

  • SEO Optimization

  • User Testing

Business C.R.E.W.

Our Capacity Resource and Empowerment Workforce (Business C.R.E.W. ), is the backbone of our operations and will help you support your business development.


The Business C.R.E.W. is comprised of expert consultants in business planning, legal, funding, technology, marketing and accounting to take your business to the next level.

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Meet Some Of Our Experts

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As an engaging professional speaker and trainer, I specialize in Leadership & Entrepreneurship. I am self-motivated, enthusiastic, hardworking, and able to adapt to the team and independent work with minimal supervision. Being an individual who strives for excellence and works tirelessly to develop that same mindset for others, I am well versed with interpersonal skills, sees punctuality as an asset, and can successfully work in fast-paced environments and adapt to diverse situations.

Chris-Beth Cowie

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Shauna-Kay Jones is a social entrepreneur and founder of the education technology app called Motify that help accessibility students achieve success. Shauna believes that innovative solutions to complex challenges must be inclusive in order to achieve a better wold.

Shauna-Kay Jones

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Pepper Brooks is a college educator, award-winning blogger and creative marketing strategist who blends empathy with business, art, and technology. 

Pepper Brooks works together with entrepreneurs and brands to initiate inclusive marketing and build an emotional connection with their audience and scale their business.

Pepper Brooks

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Janelle co-founded Accountable Clerical & Legal Services Inc. Our mission is to help the community of people, who require assistance navigating the legal world on their own. Accountable Clerical & Legal Services Inc. (ACLS) provides peace of mind to individuals looking to incorporate a small business, create a Will, file small claims, handle collections for small businesses and much more.She prides herself on ensuring that each client’s needs are take care of, through her excellent customer service approach and delivery.

Janelle is driven by her passion to help others to succeed in all aspects of their lives. She is shaking up the self-represented world, to encourage people to handle their affairs on their own.

Janelle Brooks

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Ryan Knight is a serial social entrepreneur, who is passionate about building inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities using social enterprise as a tool. He believes that we can amplify the underestimated populations in our communities with new innovative and creative perspectives.

Ryan Knight 

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Derrick Fagan, founder of DF Media Production, is a Toronto Film School graduate who has worked on multiple big brand projects such as Netflix, Google, Youtube Pulse, Catelli Pasta & Purina.

Derrick’s passion is to tell stories that are not being told and give voice to the voiceless souls. He wants to tell the unique and compelling stories of the communities around him. 

Derrick Fagan 

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David Michael Rogers has worked with startups, seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, and educators, in both the public and private sectors. David utilizes a focused approach to nurture healthy and vibrant eco-systems for technology, entrepreneurship, creativity, as well as compliance and regulation to co-exist and thrive.


David has conducted lectures, workshops, and courses in more than 55 countries around the world and explores ways to contribute and make a positive difference for individuals, communities, and for humanity. 

David Rogers 

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Debo is an entrepreneur and management consultant. With over 10 years of experience setting up and running businesses, he specialises in operations. By sharing lessons from his own entrepreneurial journey, he takes pride in helping SMEs and their founders to achieve business goals by leveraging processes and technology. 

He is also the founder and CEO of Duro Phillips, a consulting company that provides IT, Operations and Process improvement to small and medium scale enterprises.

Debo Phillips 

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Harprit Gill is a Financial Advisor/Educator, Community Leader, and Entrepreneur. She has taken her passion for community work & entrepreneurship and combined it with her new passion for educating people on financial literacy and solutions. 

Harprit’s is on a mission to change the lives of everyday individuals and families.  She is revolutionizing communities by teaching how to build and sustain wealth through a holistic community-based approach.

Harprit Gill